What is the Friday Night Hack?
Friday Night Hack is an all night Hackathon which will run simultaneously in Tel Aviv and San Francisco.
Who is invited to participate in the Hackathon?
We welcome everyone with a passion for coding and open source who would like to make a difference. We also welcome UX/UI designers who think boldly and creatively.
What would I work on at the Friday Night Hack?
We will be dividing into two channels. In the first channel, we will work on an application that promotes government transparency in Israel. More specifically, this project aims to give Israelis basic information about government spending in their municipalities.
In the second channel, we will work on a few applications that will address challenges, engage young Jewish adults, and contribute to Jewish communities around the globe. For example, one proposed application would help pre-college students select roommates with a shared Jewish heritage, and other shared values or interests.
What if I have a different app I would like to build?
Bring that idea with you to the hackathon. Even better, bring along anything you can prepare ahead of time (sketches, designs, webpage mockups, etc.) and use the time and information provided to develop your idea into a working application.
Would I be required to pay a participation fee?
No. The Hackathon is fully funded by the Schusterman Foundation.
Where is the event taking place in San Francisco?
San Francisco hackers will work at Parisoma at 169 11th Street.
Where is the event taking place in Tel Aviv?
Tel Aviv hackers will work at the Google offices at 98 Yigal Alon.
When does the event take place?
In SF: The event will start on Friday, July 19, at 5:00 PM PDT and will finish on Saturday, July 20, at midnight PDT.
In TA: The event will start on Friday, July 19, at 10 AM IDT and will finish on Saturday, July 20, at midnight IDT
What should I bring to Friday Night Hack?
Please bring your laptop computer. We will supply food, beverages, power and internet connectivity.
Who is hosting the Hackathon?
The hackathon is the initiative of Hasadna and The Schusterman foundation. We are also partnering with our local host - The innovation committee of the San francisco Jewish Federation.
Who should I contact for more information?
Please contact info@hasadna.org.il if you would like to be a part of the event or for further information.