The Community Project Channel
For this project, we are inviting proposals for innovative and unique applications that will address challenges and engage young adults in Jewish communities around the globe. We will share all submitted ideas that meet our criteria here and select the best to build during the hackathon. We have already selected one project that we will work on.
We have already selected one project that we will work on.
Open Dorms: College Roommate Finder App
For North American Jews, college marks a time when powerful relationships are formed through experiences on campus and particularly with roommates and dorm cohabitants. Open Dorms is a proposed college roommate finder web platform/app that would be available to Jewish high school seniors and other Jewish students so they can share information regarding (i) where they will be attending university and (ii) other interests and experiences, in order to find possible roommates that might share similar Jewish backgrounds. We need your help coding and designing for our "Open Dorms" application.
Specifically, we are looking for:
  • Coders who want to build a much-need app-based environment from scratch;
  • Designers who like to work on UI/UX; and
  • Marketing people with a flair for challenges.
The Bay Area hackathon will be hosted by our local community partner, the Innovation Committee at the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.